Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is Gothic Fashion?

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Is it as same as punk, or can you say it’s the “black” punk?
Is it as same as just wearing bold eyeliner on the whole eyes?
Is it as same as wearing band T-shirt, no matter who it is?
Is it EMO?


It isn’t just like you’re in black and you said “yeah…” but actually I said that every time people asked me, oops. I don’t have any simple idea to say straight to the point, because you (maybe) know, it takes a lifetime to learn the subculture’s development. Man, I hope I don’t make it more complicated.

Let’s see from Wikipedia:

"Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by conspicuously dark, mysterious, exotic, and complex features. It is worn by members of the goth subculture. A dark, sometimes morbid fashion and style of dress, typical gothic fashion includes a pale complexion with colored black hair, black lips and black clothes. Both male and female goths wear dark eyeliner and dark fingernail polish."

So, let us keep in mind that Gothic fashion isn’t “something to show off” about. Fashion is one of the ways that makes you being recognized as Goth. Gothic fashion is a typical and variety style worn by the Goths society, with black or dark colors as the color signature.


 And then, from the Gothic Portal:

"… There are many variations in how different Goths dress, and no “correct” way to do it. It is common for Caucasian Goths to strive to have pale skin, sometimes wearing pale makeup, or avoiding the sun. But once again, there’s always exceptions. Most Goths wear a lot of dark eye makeup, such as eyeliner, and lipstick in shades of red, purple and black are popular.”

Addition, Gothic fashion is a typical, variety, artistic and creative style worn by Goths society. Creativity in dark imagery (not spooky, please.) is needed to create the style. The exceptions do exist depends on where you live, what kind of norms are you “forced” to get in.

La Carmina

I can’t tell that studs and chain are the absolute examples. No, there are more than that. You can even mix it with Victorian, Lolita, Punk, Steampunk and so on, maybe i will explain it in detail on the next post. Anyway, reading is not enough. Let’s keep researching to the right sources! There are many stylish Goth bloggers all around this world (I believe there is at least the real one or two in each country). See them, listen to them, and you’ll get inspired in dressing up.

Don’t be too bothered by the wrong classified subculture. They – mundanes (apologize if it’s too rough) are clueless and ignorant. I’m pretty sure you’ll be suffered facing them by “lecturing” purpose :p

Only you who can identify yourself.

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