Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Broken (Doll) Face Makeup Tutorial

I don’t remember when I liked Halloween for the first time. I’m always hilarious to see it is celebrated in many countries. Horror movies are my to-watch-list as for the way I celebrate Halloween despite the fact that not every year. But now I’m really into beauty world, for seeing so many ladies painted their face into wonderful characters I’ve never seen before, and take care of their skin very well. Therefore, I think I found what I finally like as a woman XD Well, I’m known for my masculi-feminity appeareance (wtf I made my own compound word lol). This time, I wanted to try to make a (fail) figure.

I have to admit that it was kinda fail because I did it right before I went bed, and actually it wasn't dolly at all (more vampy, i think). I didn’t have much spare time on week days but to sleep! XD

How to do:
  1. Bare face plus moisturizer. You may add it with primer or makeup base first.
  2. Apply foundation which may brighter than your face skin and make it flawless (i use light beige) and concealer, then cover it with your favorite powder. Translucent powder is the greatest choice.
  3. Apply blue shimmer eyeshadow (or any color you want, could be matte)
  4. Apply purple matte eyehadow on the edge (or any color you want)
  5. Use kajal eyeliner on waterline, and liptint. Bloody red lipstick would work well with the look.
  6. Red softlenses! (I don't know why the color didn't come out here. I swear that was red!)
  7. Wear some accessories.
  8. Rock 'n roll Xp

Ehm, let the story begin..

Once there was a doll who was loved by her master so much. The master has given her a name. It’s Catrina. She’s not as blushed as another dolls’ cheeks had, not as shiny as their eyes had. But as the master did, Catrina also would like to give her life, if only she could, for she was just a doll. They had tea party with other dolls and played with the master’s friends a whole day. Wherever and whatever the master did, Catrina was always in her arms.

I know it is no dolly T_T

As years passed, the master has grown up into a fair lady. She didn’t play toys anymore. Catrina felt like her heart was torn to see this happened. She was left in the dusty attic, and began to be broken. Today, she is still looking for another person who wants to take care of her, and willing to take someone and soul for living eternal with any new master, forever..

In this one and above this photo wore no lens

See? Only this photo showed its red ._.

Here is what i used:
-BRTC Blemish Moisturizer
-E.L.F Acne Fighting Foundation in Natural Beige
-Marcks loose powder in Creme
-Maybelline Master Liner in Black
-Oriflame Kajal Eyeliner
-Silkygirl Intense Duo Eye Shadow #02 Purple Storm
-Oriflame Pure Nature Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Corrective Stick
-Tony Moly Cherry Tint (I thought it was supposed to be Etude Darling Tint vampire red ._.)
-Geo Edge Color Nine color Deep Red, minus -4,75 T.T

Happy Halloween! XD


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